Markus Heckmann created a video "France Jobin + Richard Chartier / DUO"

Markus Heckmann created a video work of France Jobin + Richard Chartier / DUO

Markus Heckmann was born 1977 in Leipzig, GDR. He attended the University Ilmenau and Bauhaus University Weimar studying Media-technology. He left university in January 2006 to work as a Technical Director with Derivative, the makers of TouchDesigner, in Toronto, Canada.

France Jobin + Richard Chartier released information of mAtter

Artist : France Jobin + Richard Chartier

Title : DUO

Catalog No. : MATTER015

Format : Vinyl (2LP) including DOWNLOAD CARD

Edition : 300 copies

RELEASE DATE : 16 December, 2018 ( Physical 2LP will be delivery on 25, December 2018)