curatorial project Michal Martychowiec solo exhibition | Line

One morning, during the Aqua Alta (high water) I have found the house where I was stay- ing completely cut off from the passage way by water. The line of the pavement (which was under the water as well) was like a border, with that difference that it didn’t only function as a border which separated one side from the other but also a line to follow (like Ariadne’s thread).

The 5 photographs, positioned in the passage way show this ambiguity of a line, from one side separating, but at the same time continuously leading ones way towards the exit. One could say it is an allegory of life, as we follow the line of time and life we permanently remain on the border of life and death.


2016, Jun 2 Thursday - 13 Monday / Close Tuesday 

Open: 11:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Venue : gift_lab GARAGE

address : #102, 1-13-13 Shirakawa Koto-ku Tokyo 135-0021 Japan


Michal Martychowiec website : http://michalmartychowiec.com/

gift_lab website : http://www.giftlab.jp/garage/


Michal Martychowiec

Michal is a visual artist, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany and London, United Kingdom.

Born in 1987 in Lublin, Poland. He studied visual arts at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (2009?2011).

From 2007 Martychowiec has been creating number of topical photographic series, as well as video projections and extensive installations using diverse media: photography, film, drawing, objects.

From 2010, he has been working on various opera productions, creating installations, which are specific reinterpretations of time and space, and incorporate different media. Recent projects include ones for Poznan Opera House (Poland) (multi-channel video installation) and Opera House in Seoul (South Korea)(video and still projections).

Currently he is working at 2 long term projects - site specific installation Garden and a mixed-media project - Vanito Vanitas.

Artist’s practice is a means by which to explore, by alternative means, philosophical ideas that complement his research. He applies notions of Eastern philosophy with a direct reference to the European aesthetics. He is concerned with historic phenomena brought into contemporary contexts, through individual and interdisciplinary creation of which he questions and reinterprets existing forms and ideas. His work is characterised by minimalistic aesthetics resulting, inter alia, in physical and mental reduction of forms. This aesthetics has its source in the Far East ? aesthetics of emptiness.

A series Destination: The Magic Mountain was first to clearly indicate his direction,[2] it became part of an exhibition Awake and Dream at Palazzo Doná in Venice, headquarters of Signum Foundation. Following the exhibition a project commissioned by the foundation - Awake and Dream. Documentation was created and followed by 3 exhibitions, 2 of them accompanied Art and Documentation Festival and Międzynarodowy Festiwal Fotografii FotoFestiwal (International festival of photography in Lodz) while the other was shown in the place of the project's creation: Palazzo Doná.

The latter project is one from the series of documentations of considerable problematic exhibitions, where Martychowiec raises an individual dialogue with history and art.

At the same time, Martychowiec is collaborating with number of niche fashion magazines and other commercial publications including European Vogues, Glamour and Vanity Fair creating, directing and projecting photographic fashion series, being reflection of his personality and interests in the culture of the Far East.



1987 年ポーランドの南東の都市ルブリンに生まれる。2009 年から 2011 年までイギリス、セントマーチンズにて学ぶ。2007 年より写真、フィルム、オブジェといった多様なメディアを用いたインスタレーション並びに映像作品で、一つのテーマに沿った作品のシリーズを発表している。 2010年からはオペラプロダクションの制作にも携わっており、近年のプロジェクトにポズナンオペラハウス (ポーランド)(映像インスタレーション)やソウルのオペラハウス(映像と写真)などがある。 現在は、サイトスペシフィック・ インスタレーションである”Garden”及びミクストメディアプロジェクトの”Vanito Vanitas”、2つの長期プロジェクトを進めながら、 精力的に様々な国でエキシビジョンを発表しています。

彼の手法は哲学的アイディアを用いたり、様々な角度からリサーチし、それらを作品として表現するものである。 歴史的な現象を近 代的なコンテクストにし、既存の形式や価値観に疑問を投げかける表現方法である。下記で確認できる作品”The Magic Mountain”は ウ?ェネチアのPalazzo Donáで行われたAwake and Dreamというグループ展で発表されている。彼のドキュメンタリー作品はArt and Documentation FestivalとMie?dzynarodowy Festiwal Fotografii FotoFestiwal(Lodzで行われる写真フェスティバル)の2つを含めた 3回のエキシビションで発表されている。最近のプロジェクトとしては、マルティホウ?ィエツが歴史と芸術の個性的な対話を取り上 げた注目すべき問題あるエキシビジョンの文章シリーズもそのひとつであり、またウ?ァリエーションをもった作品は鑑賞者との対話 の始まりを感じさせるであろう。また彼は日本文化への探求、そして敬意をもって日本の伝統や様式を作品に取り入れており、その 探究心は彼のライフワークの一つでもある。

同時に、マルティホウ?ィエツはニッチ・ファッション誌やヨーロパ版VOGUE、GlamourやVanity Fairといったいくつかの広告出版業 ともフォトグラッフィックファッションシリーズの企画・制作・演出を通して、自身の個性と極東文化への関心を反映させたコラボレーションを図っている。