Michal Martychowiec / Shadows and other signs of life



mAtter T-shirt #1 featuring Michal Martychowiec “Shadows and other signs of life“

We would like to release a piece of Michal Martychowiec “Shadows and other signs of life“ as T-shirt.

The Artist page >> http://michalmartychowiec.com/art/shadows-and-the-other-signs-of-life/


T-shirts spec ( Size / Length(cm) / Width(cm) / Sleeve Length (cm) )

Size S - Length (71cm) / Width (45cm) / Sleeve Length (17cm)

Size M - Length (73cm) / Width (50cm) / Sleeve Length (17.5cm)

Size L - Length (76cm) / Width (55cm) / Sleeve Length (18.5cm)

Size XL - Length (78cm) / Width (60cm) / Sleeve Length (20cm)


Front Print : Inkjet Print / Back Print : Silk Screen

Price : 4800 JPYEN


*Please note that there will be some rubbing and so on, because the silk print is given a hand print one by one.

Michal Marychowiec

Michal Martychowiec (born in 1987) creates conceptual series of photographs, films, drawings, neons, objects, mixed media installations and environments. He is a visiting lecturer at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.

Martychowiec’s oeuvre consists of mixed media practice designed in larger series. It is thus always developed hermeneutically around an expanded topic. A new field of his invention is also recreation of avatars and other personas.

Through this practice, characterised by the diversity of the media used, Martychowiec aims to explore the condition and the possibilities of contemporary human existence. His thinking revolves around history, invention and autopoiesis of historical narratives and thus also exploration and occasionally comical recomposition of cultural symbols and archetypes.

Furthermore, Martychowiec merges artistic and curatorial practices through a twofold arrangement of his oeuvre. At first, he develops projects as individual narratives within a certain field of inquiry. At the same time, these projects inform one another and their elements can be reenacted and incorporated, through a curatorial activity, into later works, where they acquire symbolic qualities.

Martychowiec’s inventions are based primarily on Occidental and Oriental philosophy, anthropology, art and cultural history, universal historical reflections, the history of religion, literature, archeology and, of course, our contemporary culture and communication analysis.