Markus Heckmann created a video "France Jobin + Richard Chartier / DUO"

Markus Heckmann created a video work of France Jobin + Richard Chartier / DUO

Markus Heckmann was born 1977 in Leipzig, GDR. He attended the University Ilmenau and Bauhaus University Weimar studying Media-technology. He left university in January 2006 to work as a Technical Director with Derivative, the makers of TouchDesigner, in Toronto, Canada.

France Jobin + Richard Chartier released information of mAtter

Artist : France Jobin + Richard Chartier

Title : DUO

Catalog No. : MATTER015

Format : Vinyl (2LP) including DOWNLOAD CARD

Edition : 300 copies

RELEASE DATE : 16 December, 2018 ( Physical 2LP will be delivery on 25, December 2018)


Jacob Kirkegaard sound installation Stereocilia for 2 ears at Lydgalleriet in Bergen

mAtter release artist Jacob Kirkegaard sound installation at Lydgalleriet in Bergen


PARABOL - in collaboration with Kunsthall 3.14, Lydgalleriet selects a sound work that will be featured through their parabolic loudspeaker sited in the gallery's entrance hall. With a particular focus on special commissions and edits, the loudspeaker's adjacent location offers an ambience and mode of address corresponding with the simultaneous exhibition.

Jacob Kirkegaard - Stereocilia for 2 Ears

Edited from acoustic recordings of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions - clusters of simultaneously emitted tones from both ears of a single person.

Drawing: Signe Lupnow

Jacob Kirkegaard released information of mAtter


FORMAT : DVD, Book and Photo Card

DVD: 30:31 minutes

Format: PAL

Region Code: All

Book: 56pages 

Photo Card: Size A5/ 148 x 210mm

All sound, video and photos by Jacob Kirkegaard

RELEASE DATE : 2016 Jun. 26


PRICE : 3,900yen (including Tax)


Miwa Okuno performance of her new works

Miwa Okuno’s dance work will be performed who is mAtter future release contemporary dancer, Choreographer and founder of N///K


2018年3月WIP発表(ASP パフォーマンスvol.2[SD for 4]内)、2018年6月京都芸術センター(Co-program 2018 カテゴリーD KACセレクション)での公演を経て構築してきた『風と毛穴 器官と音』の単独公演。近年、奥野が抱き続けているテーマ「現代失われつつある身体性」を根底に「毛穴/皮膚」を観る者との境界とし、猛烈に生きる身体の声と音を空間に描きます。

この度、ダンサー・振付家の奥野美和率いるダンスカンパニー“N///K(ナチュラル・キラー)”が、新作『風と毛穴 器官と音』を座・高円寺2にて発表します。


またトークゲストに東京大学医学部付属病院 循環器内科助教 医学博士の稲葉俊郎氏を迎え、「私たちの身体と芸術」をテーマに、多角的な視点で身体と芸術の関係性について語ります。



※ TPAM参加登録者は特典として一般より¥200割引(前売のみ)にてチケットをお買い求めいただけます。

公演名|N///K 新作公演「風と毛穴 器官と音」
日時|2019/2/14 (木)19:00開演、2019/2/15 (金)16:00開演 

前売一般 3500円 当日一般 4000円
前売学生 2800円 当日学生 3300円

0120-240-540*通話料無料・オペレーター対応(受付時間 平日10:00~18:00)

プレトーク 稲葉俊郎(医療)×奥野美和(ダンス)
日時:2019/2/15 (金)16:00〜 

メインビジュアル|ITO K
印刷協力|株式会社 協進印刷

TRANQUILITY VARIATIONS featuring Miwa Okuno & Masaya Kato works.


Jacob Kirkegaard performance and his installation at Auditorium Parco della Musica

mAtter release artist Jacob kirkegaard will participate in the Auditorium Parco della Musica festival in Rome, Italy.








Ascolta le emissioni elettromagnetiche e cosmiche dell’aurora boreale in una performance dal vivo del sound artist danese Jacob Kirkegaard. Per questa composizione, Kirkegaard ha catturato i segnali delle onde VLF emessi dall’aurora boreale con dei ricevitori elettromagnetici. Materiale sonoro aggiuntivo è stato successivamente fornito dall’Inspire Project della NASA. Con quest’opera, e con la performance che ne deriva, Kirkegaard inverte i sensi dello spettatore spostando l’attenzione dall’occhio all’orecchio, in un fenomeno altrimenti visivo e offrendo così l’opportunità unica di ascoltare il suono della luce.


Domenica 10 febbraio alle ore 17 e alle ore 18:30
performance con l’artista.
Ingresso libero fino a esaurimento posti disponibili.
Mercoledì 20 e giovedì 21 sarà possibile ascoltare una registrazione della performance
in loop dalle ore 18 alle ore 21.








Quest’opera consiste in una serie di registrazioni, sotterranee e non, dell’attività geotermica in Islanda. Le registrazioni sono state eseguite con microfoni acustici posti a una distanza molto ravvicinata dall’attività, estremamente calda, dei geyser. I suoni più condensati, pulsanti e tremanti sono stati catturati utilizzando sensori di vibrazione posizionati sotto la superficie della terra, in vari punti intorno ai geyser. L’esperienza sonora è accompagnata da una mostra fotografica composta da 6 foto scattate dall’artista durante la registrazione in Islanda. La mostra è realizzata in collaborazione con Gallery Tom Christoffersen.



Jacob’s release from mAtter

Installation. 30-minute sound and video composition from field recordings of singing sands and booming dunes recorded in the Oman deserts. Premiered at at Aichi Triennale, Nagoya, Japan, 2010.

Sabulation is created from video and sound recordings of the ‘Singing Sands’ in the deserts of Oman, 

one of the few places in the world where the shifting sand dunes emit deep tones. 


BETWEEN TWO POINTS for dublab JAN 2019 by Richard Chartier

mAtter release artist Richard Chartier selected new mix

You can listen to this beautiful mix! Don’t miss it!

Between Two Points is a monthly transMIXion by Los Angeles based sound artist Richard Chartier for Dublab. A beginning, an end and the layered transitional sonic flow enclosed, ‘between two points’ explores textures, tones, place, and space, featuring experimental, avant-garde, ambient works from the mid-20th century through to our current time. A mysterious progression unfolding for your ears.

originally aired on
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
10am-noon PST

Porya Hatami - Monads 5

Ekin Fil - Windblow

Luigi Turra - [Abrasivité] I

Alvin Lucier - So You ... (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice) (excerpt)

Akira Rabelais - Se Tourner Se Tourner

CoH - Ether Fields Forever

Emra Grid- Reflecting the Glass Compass

Trepaneringsritualen manifest - As

Jana Winderen - Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone (excerpt)

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - Answers from 1985, Part 2

France Jobin + Richard Chartier - DUO 3

Eliane Radigue - Chry-Ptus (version 2006) (excerpt)

Groupe de Recherche Musicales - Kaleidoscope

Dale Cornish - music - Repose (excerpt)

Toru Takemitsu - Bryce

Massimo Toniutti - corde, soprammobili e metalli cartaginesi (as seen from my backyard) (excerpt)

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Ehh (for Folke Rabe)

Tod Dockstader - Howl

Goem - Ems A

Stefano Pilia - Sea

Muqata'a - مُقاطعة - Istihdar

France Jobin + Richard Chartier released from mAtter

DUO page is here


Jacob Kirkegaard Black Metal Square Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark

mAtter release artist Jacob Kirkegaard new exhibition at Galleri Tom Christoffersen

Opening: Friday 18.01. 2019 5-7 pm Duration: 18.01. – 26.01. 2019


*English below

Galleri Tom Christoffersen udstiller Jacob Kirkegaards installation Black Metal Square # 1. Værket består af en frithængende sort metalplade (100x100x0.1 cm), hvis naturlige vibrationer forstærkes og reflekteres tilbage i pladen i et konstant tilbagespil. Denne form for subtile energispejling afslører metalpladens resonanstoner. Kirkegaard har skabt Black Metal Square # 1 i 2015 med inspiration fra Kazimir Malevichs maleri Black Square fra 1915 samt astronomen Robert Fludds tegning af en sort firkant fra 1617-21 med teksten ’Et sic in infinitum’ (Og således i al evighed).

Jacob Kirkegaards værker udforsker måder, hvorpå umiddelbart ubemærkede, utilgængelige eller komplekse aspekter af tilværelsen kan lydliggøres, visualiseres og materialiseres. Hans lydværker har behandlet temaer som radioaktivitet i Tjernobyl og Fukushima, smeltende is i Arktis, grænsemure i Palæstina, og toner genereret fra øret. For tiden arbejder Kirkegaard på to projekter hhv. med fokus på lyden af menneskeskabt affald og på dødens lydlige aspekter. Med sin særegne alkymistiske tilgang, og på baggrund af omfattende research, portrætteres komplekse fænomener og aktuelle tilstande igennem komposition, installation, video og foto, som ikke nødvendigvis giver svar, men i stedet skaber rum for refleksion. I Black Metal Square bearbejder Kirkegaard den sorte firkant som visuelt ikon og koncept for intetheden.

Jacob Kirkegaard (f.1975) er uddannet fra Academy of Media Arts i Köln (DE) i 2006. Hans værker er udgivet på pladeselskaber som Important Records (USA), Touch (UK), mAtter (JP) og Posh Isolation (DK). Kirkegaard har fremført og udstillet sine værker på museer, festivaller og konferencer verden over, bl.a MoMA, Issue Project Room, The Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, Museum of Jurassic Technology og Stanford University (USA), Transmediale, KW og SCHIRN Kunsthalle (DE), Mori Art Museum, Aichi Triennale og Super Deluxe (JP), Sydney Biennalen (AUS) samt på ARoS, Museet for Samtidskunst og Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst (DK). Kirkegaard er medlem af lydkollektivet freq_out, etableret af CM von Hausswolff. I 2016 var Kirkegaard sound-artist-in-residence på University of Oxford, UK.
Galleri Tom Christoffersen exhibits the installation Black Metal Square # 1 by Jacob Kirkegaard. The art- work consists of a freely hanging black metal plate (100x100x0.1 cm). Its natural vibrations are enhanced and reflected back onto the plate in a constant replay. This type of subtle energy reflection reveals the res- onance of the metal plate both visually as well as sonically. In 2015, Kirkegaard created Black Metal Square # 1 with inspiration from Kazimir Malevich’s painting Black Square from 1915 and the astronomer Robert Fludd’s drawing of a black square from 1617-21 with the text ‘Et sic in infinitum’ (And thus in all eternity).

The sound art of Jacob Kirkegaard explore ways to reflect on immediate complex, unnoticed or unap- proachable aspects of the human condition or civilisation. His works have treated themes such as radio activity in Chernobyl and Fukushima, melting ice in the Arctic, border walls in Palestine and tones generat- ed from the actual human ear. Currently Jacob Kirkegaard works on two projects, one on the sound of global waste and waste management. The other on sound environments related to the immediate human post mortem. With his peculiar alchemist approach and extensive research, complex phenomena and cur- rent conditions are portrayed through composition, installation, video and photography. Rather than provid- ing answers, his portrayals create spaces for reflexion. In Black Metal Square, Kirkegaard processes the black square as a visual icon and concept for nothingness.

Jacob Kirkegaard (b.1975) received his MA at the Academy of Media Arts in Köln (DE) in 2006. His sound work is released on record labels such as Important Records (US), Touch (UK), mAtter (JP) and Posh Isolation (DK). Kirkegaard has performed and exhibited his work at museums, festivals and concerts world wide including MoMA, Issue Project Room, The Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, Museum of Jurassic Technology and Stanford University (US), Transmediale, KW and SCHIRN Kunsthalle (DE), Mori Art Museum, Aichi Triennale and Super Deluxe (JP), The Sydney Biennale (AUS) and at ARoS, The Museum of Contempo- rary Art and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (DK). Kirkegaard is a member of the sound collective freq_out, established by CM von Hauswolff. In 2016, Kirkegaard was sound-artist-in-residence at University of Oxford, UK.

Jacob’s released from mAtter

Sabulation page is here



FORMAT : DVD, Book and Photo Card

DVD: 30:31 minutes

Format: PAL

Region Code: All

Book: 56pages 

Photo Card: Size A5/ 148 x 210mm

All sound, video and photos by Jacob Kirkegaard

RELEASE DATE : 2016 Jun. 26


PRICE : 3,900yen (including Tax)

Attention : if your country of DVD format NTSC..

Mac and/or Windows PC can play and watch without Format PAL or NTSC , And If you have the dual format DVD Player(NTSC and PAL).

*本商品はインスタレーション作品のオリジナルデータを元にプレスされている為、マスターデータの都合上、日本国内はNTSC規格の為、通常のDVDプレイヤー(NTSC)での再生はできません。 MACまたはWindows PCに付属するDVDプレイヤー、またお使いのDVDプレイヤーがNTSC/PAL両対応であれば再生可能です。

Jacob Kirkegaard describing two large projects

mAtter release artist Jacob Kirkegaard describing two large projects


- the act of hearing with one's own ears



more information is

our released information of Jacob Kirkegaard / Sabulation


This release information link > Jacob Kirkegaard / Sabulation

Also we will be able to announce our new release in 2019.

France Jobin will be part of "Dock" - A sound installation exhibit held at the Ancien Palais de Justice.

mAtter release artist France Jobin will be part of "Dock" - A sound installation exhibit held at the Ancien Palais de Justice. 


curated by Cedrik Fermont and Paul Devens.

Paul Devens

With contributions of:
Anne Wellmer (DE/NL)
Cedrik Fermont (CG/BE/DE)
Christian Galarreta (PE/FR) 
Cilia Erens (NL)
Elise 't Hart (NL)
Elsa M'Bala (CM/DE)
Eran Sachs (IL)
Erdem Helvacioǧlu (TR/US)
France Jobin (CA)
Jett Ilagan (PH)
Justin Bennett (GB/NL)
Kamran Sadhegi (IR/US)
Leonie Roessler (DE/NL/US)
Lloyd Dunn (CZ/UK)
Mike Kramer (NL)
Raul Keller (EE)
Robert Curgenven (AU/IE)
Simon Weins (DE/GB)
Stelios Manousakis (GR/NL)
Soheil Soheili (IR)
Zeno van den Broek (NL/DK)

More Information of this Exhibition

France’s new release of mAtter:

France Jobin + Richard Chartier / DUO

France Jobin's RBMA radio is streaming Mutek 2017 set & her workshop 2019

mAtter release artist France Jobin news update.

RBMA radio is streaming France's 2017 MUTEK set: The award-winning artist opens RBMA’s Drone Activity in Progress with her sculptural electronic sound designs, live at MUTEK 2017.


France will be heading to Australia  January 26 - February 13 2019

First off, France will be holding a field recordings and composition workshop at PICA, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art Jan 27-28 2019. The workshop is hosted by Tone list and part of the Audible Edge festival.  

Please check it all and be join the workshop!



Jacob Kirkegaard concert at Curtocircuíto, SPAIN

mAtter released artist Jacob Kirkegaard playing his work “MELT“ at Curtocircuíto – International Film Festival in Santiago de Compostela

Melt - Jacob Kirkegaard

03.10.2018 20:00 h Rúa Nova


Melt - Jacob Kirkegaard

MELT is composed of recordings of different stages of ice melting, moving from violent sounds of ice caps grinding against each other, to trickling sequences and flows of water. MELT traces how water moves through different aggregate phases, from solid to liquid, changing the combination of molecules irrevocably. It is both an image for constant flow and change, and for how human actions affect the world surrounding us. All sounds were recorded in Greenland by Kirkegaard in 2013 and 2015.

Jacob Kirkegaard

Jacob Kirkegaard is an artist and composer who works in carefully selected environments to generate recordings that are used in compositions, or combined with video imagery in visual, spatial installations.

Kirkegaard has presented his works at galleries, museums and concert spaces throughout the world, including MoMA in New York, LOUISIANA - Museum of Modern Art and ARoS in Denmark, KW in Berlin, The Menil Collection & at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Aichi Triennale in Nagoya, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

Kirkegaard's sound works are released on the TOUCH (UK), Important Records (USA), mAtter (JAP), VON Archives (FR), Holotype Editions (GR) & Posh Isolation (DK) labels. He is a founding member of the sound art collective freq_out. In 2016, Jacob Kirkegaard was the sound-artist-in-residency at St. John's College, University of Oxford, U.K.

our released information of Jacob Kirkegaard / Sabulation


This release information link > Jacob Kirkegaard / Sabulation


It is a workshop of France Jobin, an artist who is planning to release from mAtter in the future.


Soledad, Medellín es un laboratorio de arte sonoro orientado a realizar un proceso de escucha, registro y composición de sonidos, partiendo del paisaje sonoro y culminando en una instalación multi-canal.

Etapa 1 – Escucha, registro y composición

Lugar: Exploratorio

El laboratorio cercará a los participantes a su territorio mediante el acto de grabación de campo en varias partes de la ciudad que son contradictorios sonoramente en términos de dinámica social, geografía y los vecindarios. La multidimensionalidad específica de Medellín ofrece una rica paleta de sonidos que puede permitir a los participantes reconectarse con su entorno.


  • Iniciación a técnicas de grabación de campo

  • Grabaciones de campo en varias zonas de Medellín

  • Tratamiento – procesamiento de grabación de campo

  • Preparaciones de material sonoro para composición

  • Exploración de estética de arte sonoro.


Etapa 2 – Espacialización multi-canal

Lugar: Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín [LAB3]

El laboratorio concluirá como una instalación de sonido multicanal creada por los participantes para ser presentada durante 2 o 3 días en el LAB3. Serán llevados a través de todo el proceso de la creación de una instalación de sonido y de la consagración de la noche de apertura, una oportunidad para que todos experimentemos una soledad colectiva a través del arte sonoro.


  • Presentación del espacio, altavoces, exploración del sistema multicanal

  • Introducción a la composición para múltiples parlantes

  • Establecer el concepto de espacialización – arquitectura

  • Cómo representar mejor el concepto espacialmente

  • Composición de la pieza para la instalación teniendo en cuenta cómo se dispersará el sonido

More Information >>


A review has been posted by


Releasing tomorrow from independent Japanese imprint mAtter is an interesting collaborative work mixed by Yukitomo Hamasaki which fuses sixteen pieces into one. This marks the Tokyo-based label’s tenth anniversary, and their interests have always aligned with my own, art, sound + architecture. Aside from Hamasaki this recording includes work by: Edwin Lo, France Jobin, Go Koyashiki,Lars Lundehave Hansen, Luigi Turra, Masaya Kato and Miwa Okuno, Pe Lang, Richard Chartier, Stijn Hüwels and Tomas Philips.

Most of these artists (composers, visual artists, filmmakers) have brought us smart, minimal compositions over the past few decades, and here you can expect a whole lot of atmosphere. A few of these names are unfamiliar, so this will make for an exciting listen with those I have known, reviewed, worked with or enjoyed for many moons – especially since their actual portion here is somewhat anonymous and heard as part of a whole (see below). The tape comes with a download card and is limited to only 100 copies, and it’s broken simply into two tracks, side a and b.

Read more…

Thank you for the review!

And Thank y’all for support everything

Jacob Kirkegaard's installation "MELT" at DYSTOPIA Festival

mAtter released artist Jacob Kirkegaard installation “MELT“ at DYSTOPIA sound art Festival in Berlin.


MELT is a composition of audio recordings of ice melting in different stages. The sounds transform from the severe tone of the grinding of ice caps, to drips, to flowing water. MELT traces how water moves through different aggregate phases, from solid to liquid, changing the combination of molecules irrevocably. It is both a representation for constant flow and change, and for how human actions affect the world surrounding us.  All sounds were recorded in Greenland by Kirkegaard in 2013 and 2015.

 Jacob Kirkegaard (DK) is artist and composer. He uses recordings of highly specific environments like the human inner ear, Chernobyl or geysers. His works present listening as a means of experiencing the world.

DYSTOPIA Festival >

our released information of Jacob Kirkegaard / Sabulation


This release information link > Jacob Kirkegaard / Sabulation

Lars Lundehave Hansen Perfomance at Open Days Festival

Lars Lundehave Hansen will be performance at OpenDays Festival.

Lars and mAtter are preparing for his release. Please stop by, If you are in Denmark!


Lars Lundehave Hansen

Fredag d. 14. september kl. 19

En performance – formet som en klingende rundtur med bus.
Påstigning ved Utzon Center på Havnekajen.

Lars Lundehave Hansen, lydkunstner

Atlas” (2018, Uropførelse)

Værket er en elektronisk komposition, der fortolker Aalborg med udgangspunkt i byens topografi, som den er formet af udviklingen fra industri- til kulturby. Præsentationen af værket afvikles som en geografisk afsøgning af både byen og lyden, i form af en bustur rundt i centrale dele af byområdet. På den måde skabes en ny lydside til Aalborg i bevægelse, der i dette set-up nærmest ændrer karakter fra by til film.

Lars Lundehave Hansen (1978) har markeret sig som en af Danmarks visionære lydkunstnere, og har gennem snart 2 årtier udforsket lyd i værker, hvor de fysiske og tekniske eksperimenter er centrale. Bl.a. i de konkrete visualiseringer af lyd, som peger tilbage på nogle af lydkunstens pionerer i deres ambition om at forene det skulpturelle med det instrumentale. Oplevelsen handler derfor om at bevæge sig rundt og observere, hvordan lyden og iscenesættelsen undersøger tid og rum på forskellig vis.

Han har modtaget flere præmieringer, bl.a. fra Statens Kunstfond og Ars Electronica, for sit arbejde med lyd som kunst. Værkerne har været opført på toneangivende gallerier og festivaler herhjemme og verden over siden 1999, senest ved en koncertrække i Japan i maj 2018.

I 2018 har Bygningsstyrelsen kommissioneret 4 permanente, stedspecifikke lydkunst-installationer, 2 udendørs og 2 indendørs, til Augustenborg Slot på Als og det er dermed den største offentlige bestilling af lydkunst fra en enkelt kunstner til dato.