Geomancy is a new dvd+cd collection of works about place and displacement, location and identity, and with the environment (or the "field" of field recordings) as a complex envelope of forces and meanings which light and sound can both trace and transform.

The CD contains a new long-form sound work, "Untitled (geomancy)". The piece was created from field recordings that were subject to a series of material and digital transformations: the original recordings were cut to a series of acetate phonograph records for an installation work in 2008, and these well-worn records, revealing a new landscape of their own in both sound and texture, became the basis for the composition.

The DVD collects four of Graydon's super 8 films on video. "Farwanderer", a story of finding identity in displacement, is the keystone work, revealing themes that are central to much of Graydon's film work. "Surroundings" evokes a restless sense of place more directly in images and music. "Focal Plane" is based on a live image and sound performance piece, and deals with the coming to life of an environment from the most fundamental elements of light, shape, motion -- and how these are always something less and something more than they seem. "Untitled (Aina)" is a visual field recording of sorts, showing environments on the islands of Hawaii where natural and human processes are set in friction or resonance, and accompanied by sound from the original acetate records used to create the "Untitled (geomancy)" sound composition.




CD : Untitled (geomancy)

01. untitled_12'12
02. untitled_02'11
03. untitled_04'38
04. untitled_03'32
05. untitled_04'40
06. untitled_03'09
07. untitled_21'47


01.Farwanderer [2009] _08'43
02.Surroundings (the ship,the shoal,the shore) [2005] _06'47 play movie
03.Focal Plane (ten frames aligh on the) [2006] _23'29
04.Untitled (aina) [2008] _ 26'22


picture + sound : Andy Graydon
mix : Andy Graydon
mastering : Naph at NATURE BLISS STUDIO
photography : Andy Graydon
sleeve design : mAtter

PRICE :: 2,600 yen ( without Tax)