DATA | Yu Miyashita :: Navy See Res in Brighton - MATTER009


artist ::Yu Miyashita
title :: Navy See Res in Brighton

01. In
02. Ash Lug Sun
03. Navy See Res
04. End or First
05. Schlock Ops
06. Sepia Walks Me 1
07. Endwise
08. Sage Asks Pulse
09. Remove Faith
10. Sepia Walks Me 2
11. Out
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ARTIST :: Yu Miyashita
TITLE :: Navy See Res in Brighton
LABEL :: mAtter
PRICE :: 1,100 JPYEN

FORMAT :: data ( download only )
RELEASE DATE :: 2011.07.07

mastering :  Yu Miyashita
Photo : Yu Miyashita
sleeve design : Yukitomo Hamasak


Press Release - July 2011

Japanese musician and composer Yu Miyashita has created a new album especially
for the Tokyo label mAtter.

Each track is named instinctively  and then playfully reworked as a random anagram. 
All relate to the seven years Miyashita spent in Brighton.
The title to the album and lead track, Navy See Res, is a sound reminder of the starlings
which can be found circling the Brighton shoreline in droves.

Miyashita’s methodology incorporates the use of software cyan/n. 
When extending the short samples to create drone sounds he uses Renoise.
Returning to his collection of thousands of one second sound samples,
which he built up during the seven years, Miyashita has selected from them in order
to create his expansive collages of sound and huge soundscapes which are
intense powerful and, at times, mind blowing.


Yu Miyashita
Born 1984 Yamanashi Japan. Lives Japan / Brighton United Kingdom.
Much of Yu’s compositions are based on the Glitch and Onkyo branches
of Noise which grew up in the late 1990′s.

Glitch is constructed from digital debris,
errors and the processing (often the misuse, reissue or abuse)
of normally extraneous sounds, instruments and machinery.
Glitch musicians will record bugs, crashes, system errors, hardware noise,
skipping and audio distortion on their computers.
Onkyo is based on free improvisation and also appeared during the late 1990′s.

This type of music is more textural than structural, cutting together elements of
electronic music and even silence.
Yu Miyashita gathers bits of noise intuitively and assembles them into his Onkyo /  Glitch / Noise hybrids.

Yu Miyashita website >> here