mAtter a curatorial project Harley Cortez solo exhibition "Poemas"

mAtter a curatorial project Harley Cortez solo exhibition "Poemas" at WISH LESS gallery, Tokyo.


ハーレー・コーテッズ 個展「Poemas」

2016年4月2日(土) 〜 24日(日)

水木金 16:00〜21:00/土日 12:00〜19:00/月火 休み(最終日18時終了)

会場:WISH LESS gallery  (東京都北区田端5-12-10)

??オープニングレセプション:4月2日(土)  18:00〜20:00

WISH LESS galleryでは、アメリカ出身のアーティスト兼ミュージシャンのハーレー・コーテッズの日本初個展を開催いたします。






近い将来には、メンズウェアBespokenの創設者/デザイナーであるSammy Fayedと共に「ハーフブラッド」という愛称でLPをリリースします。さらには、実験映画の脚本、ショートフィルムなどのサウンドトラック制作にも携わる予定です。


Harley Cortez has been creating mixed media and multimedia art actively for 12 years, with numerous group shows in the last 3 years. Influenced by literature (Kafka, Pessoa, Vonnegut) cinema (Ozu, Kieślowski), the work is a juxtaposition of fine art and street art. His expressive works often look like manipulated screen prints and photographs, that raise questions, challenging what a painting actually is or can be. As well as being a musician and filmmaker, he uses all mediums as an art platform to express an ever-changing philosophical questioning on what it means to be alive.

Previous work has included large scale paintings, smaller drawings, and film (digital and celluloid).

His works has been used in short films, feature films, movie posters, as well as album covers. Having shown work in both New York City and Los Angeles (he resides in both cities). He will have his first solo exhibition at WISH LESS gallery in Tabata, Tokyo, Japan in April 2016.

His travels around the globe have continuing influence on his work. 

His upcoming projects include a full length LP under the moniker Halfbluud. Other works include directing both narrative and experimental films as well as scoring feature and short films. as well as scoring feature and short films.


Harley Cortez/ハーレー・コーテッズ





Harley Cortez is a multimedia visual artist, musician, and film maker. His work has been shown in Los Angeles, NYC, and Tokyo. Raised in Los Angeles, CA and Queens, NY, he splits his time between both cities. 

Using various modalities his paintings, drawings, abstract pieces have been used on record covers, film, design, and art direction. 



ハーレー・コーテッズ 個展「Poemas」

会 期:2016年4月2日(土) 〜 24日(日)   最終日18時終了

時 間:水木金 16:00-21:00/土日 12:00-19:00/月火 休廊

会 場:WISH LESS gallery

住 所 : 〒114-0014  東京都北区田端5-12-10

電 話 : 03-5809-0696



Harley Cortez solo exhibition “Poemas”

Period : Saturday April 2nd ? Sunday April 24th  2016

※ We will close at 6pm on the last day.

Opening hours : Wed-Fri  16:00-21:00/Sat+Sun  12:00-19:00

Closed : Mon+Tue

Address : WISH LESS gallery   5-12-10 Tabata Kita-ku Tokyo 114-0014

Tel : +81-3-5809-0696


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