WORKS installation


Curation : Finn Albertsson sound installation | BGM - Before Gonna Mind


01 Mar. - 31 Mar. 2014 

Finn Albertsson  Sound Installation |  BGM - Before Gonna Mind  


Open : Tuesday - Friday 08:00am - 06:00pm / Saturday - Sunday 12:00pm - 06:00pm
Close : Monday

3 different Dj-set played at the same time overlapping and sliding in and out of each other due to the difference in time length within the space.

2-4-2, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



Finn Albertsson 

Label owner of SonuoS. Electronic/Dub/Experimental Dj since 1994 from Sweden Got his first gig at Culture-Box in Copenhagen 2006 and have since then had the joy to dj with and do warm-up to: Pete & René (Substance & Vainqueur), The Orb, Deadbeat, Mixmaster Morris, Teleseen, Alva Noto, Byetone, Pan Sonic, Senking, Snd, Onmutu Mechanicks, Thomas Fehlmann, Daniel Miller (Mute), Trentemøller, Emptyset and onwards... Starts to beat-mix at 35 bpm and never goes faster than 80 bpm... Have played at Trailerpark & Strøm festivals/Copenhagen and Kontra-Musik & Full-Pull festivals/Malmö and was the official DJ for the Störung Festival 8.

label SonuoS website > HERE