DVD, Book, Photo Card | Jacob Kirkegaard :: Sabulation - MATTER013

We will be release MATTER013 on 26, Jun. 2016

Artist : Jacob Kirkegaard 

Title: Sabulation

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"the GARDEN"のリリースに伴い、インタビューを受けました。



今週末にとうとうオープンする、 LONDONにあるSOUND//SPACEにて現在入手できるmAtterの全カタログを納品しました。




SOUND//SPACE grand opening on 05 May.

OPEN 05 May - 29 July 2012.

if you are in LONDON in the period,  please check the store!
All mAtter releases can purchase. 

Thanks SoundFjord and Helen, for support and everything!

SOUND//SPACE is a pop-up record store + community hub for creatives, makers and enthusiasts, celebrating physical media and instilling the necessity for, and vitality of, independent thinking, publishing and the handmade.

SOUND//SPACE is a specifically built unit within the huge V22 Workspace (ex-Peak Freans Biscuit Factory) located at Bermondsey, to the south of the Thames. Our philosophy is simple - to celebrate and instil he importance in all that is independently published and hand-made.

The space is a record store, project space and a locus for conversation across genre (from experimental music, sound art and field recording to free jazz, electronica and exploratory music) where SOUND//SPACE showcases the most creative individuals and labels within the industry. SOUND//SPACE contextualises such work, highlighting the culture and importance of independent publishing and self-releasing via a programme of events including sonic scavenger hunts, (audio) screenings, live performances, talks and workshops and by hosting artists and labels in residence.

We welcome the specialist, the geek, the generalist and you to our store. Feel free to peruse our store a while, listen to some releases at our listening stations (for vinyl, CD and cassette); marvel at the variety of hand-made and hand-printed releases, screen printed posters, limited editions and special releases we have available.

Visit us from 05 May to 29 July | Thursday-Sunday for our record store, and daily related performances, talks and workshops.

SOUND//SPACE @V22 Summer Club
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100 Clement's Road
Bermondsey SE16 4DG
United Kingdom

Open: Thurs-Fri: 5-10pm; Sat: noon-10pm; Sun: noon-8pm


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